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Preparative Spherical Packing Materials
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Particle size of preparative spherical packing material is 10Ám, 15Ám, 20Ám, 50Ám, 75Ám, and 150Ám. Their quality of all sizes of products is strictly controlled. YMC S-50 gel (particle size 50Ám) is useful for preparative chromatography because of their moderate particle size and good cost performance.

Preparative Irregularl Packing Materials
Product Information
Irregular packing materials for preparative isolation come in a wide variety of particle sizes and are applicable to a wide range of isolations from semi-preparative isolation to industrial preparation.

YMC Co.,Ltd.'s irregular packing materials for preparative isolation have excellent cost performance, and are applicable not only to open column chromatography but also to pretreatment of samples(partial purification and batch treatment for concentration). Among them, silica gel with a particle size of 63 - 210 Ám is especially suitable for open column chromatography.

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