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YMC-Pack Diol-SEC is a size exclusion chromatography column utilizing a silica gel base. Diol-120, 200, and 300 are suitable for separation or molecular weight determination of proteins with molecular weights of 10,000 to several hundred thousands.

Diol-60 is the most suitable for separation of peptides of oligosaccharides whose molecular weights are 10,000 or less.

Preparative Spherical Packing Materials
Product Information
Spherical packing materials come in many types of bonded phases and bare silica gel. A wide range of particle sizes are available to as large as 150um. Their quality are controlled tightly.

Preparative Irregularl Packing Materials
Product Information
Irregular packing materials are of bare silica gel only. They are widely applicable, from semi-preparative isolation to industrial preparation. They can be used for from semi-preparative to preparative chromatography. Their quality are consistent from lot to lot.

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