Products - YMC - Microreactor
Besides HPLC columns and packings, YMC also offers cutting-edge microreactor systems and related devices.
Column Selection Guide
Reversed Phase (ODS)
Other Reversed Phase
Normal Phase
Sample pretreatment, Accessories
Type of materials
Process Chromatography
HPLC preparative
Bio LC preparative
Syringe Pumps
KSP Series, syringe pump designed for Microreactor, offer specifications in high pressure resistance, continuous pumping, etc.
KSP-111 KSP-112 KSP-222
Product Features
» Highly accurate constant microscale flow delivery is metered by a Servo Motor - Max. Steps: 65,535/cycle.
» Continuous Infusion - KSP-122 and KSP-222.
» AInfusion at high pressurei10MPaj - KSP-200 Series.
» Infusion and withdrawal by Switching valve : standard equipment.
» Operation by PC control.
» Segment Infusion -@0.01ƒÊL/min`.
» The Pump may be used as a dispenser for many other applications.
» Easy air release, back blow protection.
KeyChem-L Series
Plunger Pumps

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