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YMC-Pack Diol-SEC
Product Information
YMC-Pack Diol-SEC is a size exclusion chromatography column utilizing a silica gel base. Diol-120, 200, and 300 are suitable for separation or molecular weight determination of proteins with molecular weights of 10,000 to several hundred thousands.

Diol-60 is the most suitable for separation of peptides of oligosaccharides whose molecular weights are 10,000 or less.
Product Features
» Utilizes silica gel base with high resistance to pressure.
» Low-cost gel filtration column.
» Useful for molecular weight determination of proteins and sugars.
» Minimal secondary interactions.

YMC-Pack Protein-RP
Product Information
YMC-Pack PROTEIN-RP is a reversed-phase column utilizing a silica gel base. It contains a stationary phase, specifically designed for separation of proteins or peptides. Problems that are associated with conventional reversed-phase columns with short alkyl chain lengths are minimized.

Robust column lifetime and excellent recovery of hydrophobic proteins are typically possible on this phase.
Product Features
» Improved recovery of proteins or peptides.
» Improved durability when used with TFA solution.
» Enabled elution of high molecular weight proteins.

Wide-Pore Columns
Product Information
YMC Co.,Ltd.'s Wide-Pore Columns are reversed-phase products available with 300 or 200 pore size.A choice of functional groups from ODS,C8,C4,and CN are also available, enabling the analyst to choose the proper pore size and stationary phase.
Product Features
» Reversed-phase column with wide pore size
» Reversed-phase column with wide pore size.
» Packing materials with pore size of 300Å or 200Å are available(For AQ,200Å only).
» Useful for separation of proteins or peptides.
» Useful for fast analysis of compounds with high hydrophobicity.
» Bulk supply at kilogram scale is available.
» Excellent cost performance.

YMC-Pack R&D Series
Product Information
YMC-Pack R&D series are packaged column sets that include a semi-preparative column and an analytical column packed with high quality YMC*GEL. The packing material used for the semi-preparative column and the analytical column of the same lot and selectivity is identical. Analytical conditions can be directly scaled up and can be reproduced with the preparative column, and the isolation operation can be conducted simply and rapidly.

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