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Process Chromatography
YMC offers contract process chromatography purification services and produces Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) systems and other types of systems and devices used for preparative chromatography.

YMC can offer a total solution for its customers using our in-depth understanding of separations science and our experienced gained from developing and operating separation processes for other YMC clients.
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Dynamic Axial Compression Column
Product Information
Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) systems are offered in laboratory, pilot, and production scale. YMC DAC systems are user friendly and allow operators to pack chromatography media easily. YMC offers highly efficient, durable, and reproducible chromatography media.
Product Features
» Cost effective: The DAC column can be packed at the production site or nearby the production site if desired as the column may be easily moved.
» The DAC column offers stable separation performance with its cylinder constantly compensating for shifts in column bed stability.
» Slurry port allows simple operation in transferring packing material into and out of the column.

Product Information
Accommodates preparative columns whose inner diameters range from 20-200mm. The purification of high-valued added substances is accomplished using K-Prep and chromatography packing material with particle sizes ranging from 5 to 20 um. The system is a fully automatic system with pressure limit of 100kg/cm2.
Product Features
» Easy operation.
» Fully automated continuous operation via computer control.
» Precise and speedy isolation by isocratic or gradient elution operation.
» Economically efficient with recycle separation.
» Compact.
» Simple maintenance.
» Easy expansion.
» Comply with GLP/GMP validation.

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