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YMC Chiral CD BR Series
Product Information
YMC CHRAL CD BR series is composed of 3 types of optical isomer separation columns. Each column possesses α-,β-,or γ-bromo-cyclodextrin as a functional group. Selection from the 3 types of columns enables analysis of a wide range of compounds. In addition, YMC CHIRAL CD BR series shows different selectivity from ODS because the separation is based on host-guest interaction. YMC CHIRAL CD BR series is useful for separating structural isomers that are difficult to separate using OD.

YMC Chiral NEA
Product Information
YMC CHIRAL NEA(R) and (S) phase optical isomer separation columns. Chiral discrimination is based on the higher-order structure of chiral macromolecules, which includes hydrogen bonds, π-π interaction, hydrophobic interaction, etc.
Product Features
» Synthesized macromolecule-type chiral column.
» Elution order can be reversed by selecting (R) or (S).
» Excellent cost performance.

YMC Chiral Prep CD ST/PM
Product Information
YMC CHIRAL PREP CD ST/PM are suitable packing materials for preparative isolation of optical isomers. ST is suitable for use mainly in reversed-phase mode, while PM can be used in both normal-phase and reversed-phase modes. The cost is considerably less than that of the conventional packing materials for optical isomers, and therefore YMC CHIRAL PREP CD ST/PM are appropriate not only for semi-preparative isolation but also for industrial isolation. They are also applicable to simulated moving bed(SMB) chromatography and axial compression columns.
Product Features
» β-cyclodextrin modified silica gel packing material.
» Can separate various optical isomers.
» Can be used in both normal-phase and reversed-phase modes.
» Applicable to large-scale isolation by simulated moving bed(SMB) chromatography.
» Various particle sizes are available.
» Bulk supply at kilogram scale is available.
» Excellent cost performance.

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