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YMC-Ultra HT Series
Product Information
YMC-UltraHT series columns are specifically designed for high-speed and high-throughput analysis. YMC-UltraHT series has two products, Pro C18 as our standard ODS and Hydrosphere C18 for hydrophilic compounds. Both of them show the same selectivity and superior peak shapes as 3Ám and 5Ám Pro series, so an easy method transfer from conventional HPLC to ultra-fast LC is available without changing elution conditions.
Product Features
» Pro C18 as standard, and Hydrosphere C18 for hydrophilic compounds.
» Superior column performance at higher flow rate and higher pressure.
» Speed-up and cost-cutting for the analysis.
» Applicable to both conventional HPLC and specific ultra pressure system.
» Simple method transfer from conventional HPLC.
» Excellent resolution with back pressure less than that of sub-2Ám.

YMC-Pack Pro C18 RS
Product Information
Pro C18 RS has excellent peak shape for the separation of basic compounds because of high quality end capping. Pro C18 RS has high recognition of stereoselectivity because of high carbon polymeric type bonding.

Pro C18 RS can be used over a wide pH range (1-10) to aid in method development.
Product Features
» High selectivity, high carbon ODS column of polymeric type.
» Excellent separation of basic compounds.
» High quality end capping.
» Attached 2 types of inspection sheet.
» Low metal impurity silica base.
» High reproducibility: batch to batch and column to column.
» High durability.
» Choice of a wide range of eluent conditions.
» Easy development of method.

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